Blown Away

Agricultural scientists today announced that they were shocked that pretty much no, Leaf Blowers have been gunned down. Dr Patty (Pat) Cox pointed out “It’s just seems incredible to me that what is effectively one of the most annoying noises in the world, is allowed to exist”. During a local study that P. Cox conducted with her husband she noticed that he found the noise of her hair dryer “extremely annoying” yet  didn’t even raise an eyebrow when 7 leaf blowers which seemed to be working in a synchronized swimming fashion blew through the neighborhood.

Mrs Cox insisted she was near breaking point when she thought of driving all the way to the gun shop to buy an assault rifle “I mean it was so windy out there already, I think all 7 of  them were chasing the same leaves, but after I drove all the 2 miles to the store they told me I would have to wait 24 hours! I was understandably  outraged, because honestly I’m not sure I’ll feel like gunning down 7 leaf blowers tomorrow”

Mrs Cox and her husband Ira, are now considering a move from California to Alabama which has no law imposing a waiting period prior to purchase of a firearm.

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