Being Ginger Classed As Disability

The New Zealand Ginger Minister of Affairs (Gohn Gary, AKA The Ginister) announced that being Ginger will now qualify all ‘real’ gingers for a disability allowance. “It’s long been speculated that ginger people are different” he pointed out during an evening meeting, “The costs of daily sunscreen and wide brimmed hats really add up over the years, it’s not a luxury, its survival”. The exact amount of the disability allowance has yet to be revealed but will be announced March 8th 2016 during the next solar eclipse. “We’ll have just 4 minutes and 9 seconds when the sun will be blocked out, to deliver our message”.

Mr Gary is also pushing for a ginger quota (Gota) in all industries but especially for those which can be achieved in doors. “Gingers should be kept inside as much as possible, preferably in quiet surroundings with soft furnishings, at around 24C or 75 Fahrenheit”.

He finished up the announcement with a stern warning to those that think ginger couldn’t happen to their family “It’s important to realize that around 80 percent of the population actually carry the gene, even though it’s recessive, it could…happen to anyone”.

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