Man V Woman

Diary Series – GOING FOR A RUN


6.00 Get up  and get dressed in shorts (too hot for shirt)

6.15 Go for a run

6.45 Return home


6:00 Awake – No one broke into house – hurrah!

6.10  Consider running, ponder if it’s still too dark and rapey outside – decide best to wait til sun comes up

6.15 Select outfit – want to wear crop top as it’s already 83 degrees out but worry this might send men message that you like being stared at

6.25 Ponder hair style – recall article where it says rapists prefer high ponytail, opt for low bun and tuck hair under hat in case it attracts unwanted attention

6.45  Leave house finally as its sunrise – hurrah, less rapey!  

6.46 Hide key (as women’s workout gear never seems to have pockets)

7.01 Go for a run…get honked at by car

7.12 Get yelled at by men in pick-up truck – ‘show us yer tits’ – ponder if thats why they call it a pick-up truck

7.13 Consider yelling back but decide against it just in case they may think you’re actually interested in showing them your tits

7.20 Check surroundings before considering running up a set of remote stairs. Hear multiple male voices near the top of stairs, decide to forgo the view in case they turn out to be rapey or murder-y.

 7.30 Return home find key and hope no one saw where you hid it (well, more specifically hope no man, saw where you hid it – because honestly, you don’t mind too much if a woman saw, as she’s probably not so keen on raping or murdering you later)




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