ManDate -To Split or not to Split, that is the Question…

A man asked me out the other night, ok, probably doesn’t sound so exciting, it has happened before after all…but let me tell you what happened and why I’m writing about it.  You see, a ‘man’ I met through a friend, asked my friend if I might be interested in going out with him. Ok, not overly manly but give the guy a break and so what if he has small hands that doesn’t mean anything.

So fine, give him my number and tell him I’m potentially interested and why not invite me out…so he does, and long story short – we go out. He initially suggests we meet at some bright bustling ‘hole in the wall’ Thai place at 8pm – now I’m not a snob, in fact am happy to go to a ‘cheap n cheerful’ restaurant but bright and loud are not overly good for a first date (especially if one has a huge pimple she’s trying to hide) So I suggest a more mellow wine bar and we go. He doesn’t offer to pick me up despite living fairly close to me, but that’s fine, I’m going to catch an Uber anyway. At the suitably dark wine bar we have a couple of glasses of wine and share some tapas ‘style’ plates (ie. that’s code for they’re small and expensive) I point out since it’s already 8pm and I’m an LA baby who already ate at 7pm that I’m not hungry but go ahead order whatever and yes sure, I’ll try some!

He proceeds to eat all the dishes (with his aforementioned small hands) and then when the bill comes he hovers and stares at it for some time, so I reach for my card. He doesn’t stop me so I pull out my credit card and now its uncomfortably in my hand. He puts his card down, and I put mine down. The waiter comes over and suggests brightly “are we splitting it?”

Yes, apparently we are. My ‘date’ the one who went to all the trouble of asking our friend first if I might be interested in going on a ‘date’ with him is now letting me split the bill…for the food he mostly ate.

So from now on ladies, here’s what I’m suggesting. If a man offers to take *you* out on a ‘date’ – don’t offer to pay…and don’t even reach for it.


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