So Soft, so Luxurious – Why do Ladies get to have all the fun?

Utah has rejected legislation and voted to keep it’s tax on tampons.  An Aunt of Susan Duckworth who sponsored the legislation pointed out “I guess the voting panel which consisted of 11 men (nine Republican and two Democrat) have finally discovered just how luxurious tampons are. It’s a well known fact that in the 3 states where the extra tax is not charged, women are just going crazy with the tampons.” One man pointed out he saw one woman simply ‘giving one tampon away’ to another woman, “as if they grow on tree’s or something -it’s just blatant consumerism”

When asked for further comment about the tax, one of the voting panel Barry, who like Madonna only goes by his first name explained, “it just doesn’t seem fair that we remove the luxury tax on tampons, especially when only half the population really gets to enjoy them. I mean every month just seems excessive as well.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 8.41.25 PM.png

Women reportedly going crazy in the “Party in your pants” states (pointed out in purple)



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