Taylor Swift Wins – but at what cost?


What started as an innocent google session to look for healthy role models turned into a nightmare today for one California resident.

Ms P. Tonbe was just taking time to reflect on her life when a link popped out at her. “It was Taylor Swift accepting another award and I thought, gosh isn’t this great for women everywhere, what an inspiration.”

But what started as some simple inspiration quickly turned to self loathing for the average late 30-something who lives alone with her three cats when she realized “Taylor has just achieved so much and has legs like a beautiful gazelle…and she’s still only like 26 so… ”

Psychologists warn that whilst women looking to these beautiful young role models could be a good thing initially, it could soon turn to “much hatred of self” and “needing to stuff donuts down your fat neck” like there’s no tomorrow.

German Psychologist and all round good guy,  Edwin Von Lostbarrow pointed out that Women really needed more role models like Paul Giamatti and Gérard Depardieu “and that other actor guy with the big nose that seems to win awards” because, he went on to explain “it’s not like you have to be amazing at everything, you can still be successful at being good at just one thing, like, accounting for example, but when you look to someone like Ms Swift you’re getting yourself in a whole heap of trouble because quite frankly no one can compete with that. Well, except for Beyonce and well she’s Beyonce, she only has the one name that’s kinda how amazing she is, but honestly, she’ probably is no good at accounting so there’s that.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 10.09.36 AM.png




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