Study Shows People Who #Hastag More Annoying

BOSTON – It was revealed in a study by a local woman that people who ‘hastag’ especially on Facebook where it ‘doesn’t really work’ are way more annoying than those who don’t.

100% percent of people in the survey found the most annoying phrases involved #lovemylife #blessed and any hastag that involved asserting the ‘best’ such as #bestboyffriendever #besthubbie.

The study originator pointed out that it does appear to be more of a ‘woman thing’ than a ‘man’ and went on to say, “I guess if men used hastag’s they might be more swayed to phrases such as #bestblowjobofmylife and #besttitsIveseentoday”.

Researchers are calling for further investigation given that the initial study was allegedly conducted in just one household consisting of the unnamed woman and several cats.

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