Poor People – Please Just Stop It

NEW YORK – In a ruling by banks earlier today it was decided that not having enough money was still an excellent reason to charge customers money. “We charge a service fee when your bank account drops below a certain amount” explained one middle aged white man who asked to be called simply, Mr Banker. “We’ve been doing it for years and honestly, it makes us a lot of money  so I don’t see why we’d stop now”.

Mr Banker went on to explain that “it doesn’t exactly cost us more to maintain the account or anything, it just annoys us when people don’t have money so we think they should have to pay for our annoyance…at very least”.

This obviously sends a strong message to those who don’t have enough money out there and a sobering lesson I think we can all learn from which is simply, ‘don’t be poor, it can be very costly and it annoys rich people, so stop it’.

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