HOROSCOPE / Manguide A – J


Adam’s make great friends but you often won’t want to bone them even though they’re probably better for you than a Zac or a Cody – They are often Aries which makes them great accountants.


Much the same as Adam’s. Most grew up as nerds and when later in life they found themselves “l’object d’attention” they are not quite sure what to do with it, so they may err on the side of arrogance. Brian’s are often Virgo’s but pretend they’re “unsure” as they know Virgo’s are perceived as uptight twats.


This one is more complicated – do they go by their full name or do they, or ‘Cam’? Cameron’s can often take themselves too seriously, whilst Cam’s can be found doing tequila shots out the back. Cameron’s are serious Pisces – Cam’s are often fun loving Leo’s.


Sadly most David’s are dicks. Admittedly some are quite nice dicks, but still at their core, still dicks. If you happen to meet a Dave on the other hand they can be quite relaxed and less dick-ish. Try and stay away from David’s though, especially if they are born March 12.


Elliot is the boy from ET – So no matter what happens in their life that will follow them – a nerdy little boy who must phone home. They are likely in telecommunications.


Fred’s have been around the block and are very old or toddler’s. There are none of dating age. Fred’s can be born at any time of the year except January `1st.


Greg’s can on occasion take themselves too seriously, but on the whole they are funny and kind. Not overly boneable but make good friends. Usually their sign is Sagittarius.


Harry’s were born with a silver spoon in their mouths and as such you will never be able to rely on them for anything. They are born on Christmas Day.


Ian’s are mostly accountants or work in account services for banks. Ian’s have very little hope of being cool unless they become highly successful actors.


Jacob’s are hot. They may not be able to wow you with the gift of poetry or indeed the gift of speech, but your average Jacob is anything but average in the looks department. Jakes are a little more approachable, they may be architects or landscapers.

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