Free Willie? Rape v Ribs

WACO  – In 2013 a Texas jury sentenced Willie Smith (not related to Will Smith)  to 50 years in prison for stealing a rack of pork ribs.

Whilst Willie is rotting in a jail for stealing some clearly delicious ribs, a young white man by the name of Brock Turner  (who is apparently also very keen on grilling meat) has been handed a 6 months sentence for rape.

A friend of Willie’s who we tracked down to ask about Brock’s sentence pointed out,”I don’t have a TV or internet but 6 months you say? I guess he must’ve only stolen like a single hot dog then right? Cos I know that if you steal a whole rack of ribs you can get 50 years, it’s put me right off pork to be honest.”

99 out of 100 people we surveyed agreed that rape should get more time than ribs (the one person who didn’t agree was the owner of the said ribs who is still mad about the missing meat)

Please go to if you think Rape deserves more time than Ribs and while you’re there, please start a petition for Willie because he clearly doesn’t have any friends with access to the internet.


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Rape V Ribs?



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