Sunscreen Kills

OHIO – It looks like sunscreen could be killing coral. Not that lovely color we find in the stores, but actual alive beautiful coral which grows beneath the sea, yet what on earth can we do about it? The greatest minds in the world were bought together to discuss this tragedy and during a press conference on the issue, committee members suggested that we as consumers should all just inherently know there’s a problem and switch to sunscreens with titanium oxide or zinc oxide.

During the conference a particularly astute 6 year old girl who had stumbled into the press lineup asked “how about instead we make the sunscreens that have bad stuff which kills the pretty coral…make it, like not be sold…whats the word..? Illegal? I feel like that might be easier than trying to get the word out and just hoping consumers are savvy enough to buy the right sunscreens”.

She later informed us that the ‘grown ups’ of the group pointed out that “a lot of people in big business who own sunscreen companies would lose a lot of money” so in fact her idea wasn’t very good and she should go find her mommy, because Daddy was probably busy working.

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