What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

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REUTERS – 99% of people in a recent survey revealed that being a white man would be their preference as they grow older. One 25 year old woman named Cindy pointed out “It just seems that as an older woman it’s hard to have a life after 50, like, even if you’re hot. If I was a white dude on the other hand I would probably have a great job and a girlfriend 20 years younger – I would even get a little beer belly and wear big pants, I’m sick of squeezing into body con dresses”.

“I can’t wait to grow into an old white dude – it’s going to be awesome!” said one hopeful waitress, until we pointed out that it was just a survey and that she as a black woman would probably be a poor single mother by 40, which really wiped the smile off her face.




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