ACK – Kiss Off?

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WASHINGTON – Ever had one of those moments, when you just met someone, then you’re expected to kiss them? If you don’t know what I’m talking about…Congratulations! You may well be a man!

Cheek kissing has become ‘de rigeur’ in western society,  it’s often seen as a classy European way of saying ‘ciaoooo, heeeey or bonjour’, but during a Rally aimed at making the Awkward Cheek Kiss  (ACK) illegal, a young lawyer from Washington State pointed out, “Men don’t pull each other in close for a kiss on the cheek when they first meet in work situations, so why do they do it to us?  The other day I extended my hand to a new colleague and he used it as an opportunity to pull me in for a kiss which got dangerously close to my mouth…I sometimes think guys do that on purpose”.

Others at the rally said it added to women not being taken seriously in business, “I go to shake someone’s hand and end up damn near making out, it’s kind of a awkward start to a business relationship”

So let’s just stick to the good old fashioned handshake, or actually, given the large percentage of men that don’t wash their hands after holding their dicks in the bathroom, I think just a smile, a simple wave or thumbs up might be the best option.



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