imagesTurns out life tips are everywhere so why exactly are we all still poor? In a bid to make you ‘OK’ with poverty some experts recommend this simple fix for your crap life. ‘change your life or change your life vision’

What the unnamed expert is pointing out is simple. If you can’t get what you want ie. Be an amazing billionaire flying around world like Tony Robbins for example, you can try instead to adjust your vision of what life should be like.

For example if you’re an unemployed woman over the age of 40, you could simply say ‘my dream is to be single, living in a bedsit and poor as crap’ and if that’s your situation, then boom, you’re suddenly. ‘Hastag winning’. Hashtag living your dream hashtag I know I’m not supposed to wrote the word hashtag but hashtags are so annoying I refuse to use the symbol.


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